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Crochet Dolls
Okami doll by Blind-Kidd
Finished fox doll by Blind-Kidd
Warui doll compleate by Blind-Kidd
I am here to offer you some crochet doll commissions!
My dolls stand about 5 1/2 inches tall. They have easily movable limbs, hard plastic noses and eyes. They can be made with out without hair and accessories
The materials are a mix between felt and yarn.
My prices very depending on what colors I would need and how complex the character is So my prices start at 30$+
I am willing to ship anywhere! And each doll with be send in a small box and a special gift.

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So I’m about to play Bioshock infinite and I have to admit I’m a little skeptical. I’ve always been that way about video games and their sequels, especially when the sequel has nothing to really do with the original game, but I digress.

I want to first start out by saying that I loved the first game, and was excited to keep playing, I loved the idea of rapture and how it’s run itself into the ground with gene splicing creating these new creatures known as splicers. I loved this underwater city that was overwhelmingly gorgeous! The whole game was just pleasing to the eye and I was instantly in love with rapture Along with the games beautiful art and atmosphere I also fell in love with the story of Andrew Ryan and his city, How it came to be, how it grew, and how it destroyed itself. Listening to the diary’s were fun and I felt I needed to hear them all to understand the story and I WANTED to hear them all to understand what happened in between the lines! To understand how this city came to BE and how it failed to be was just amazing, speaking of how the city came to be, that brings us to my favorite part of the game, the Big Daddies and little sisters. This idea to me was very creative and original to me and I wanted to know more about how they became this way, where they came from, why they were here now, everything! And thanks to the diaries and your radio voice Atlas, (hur) you knew that happened and why! I loved the game and I finished it in record time (for me anyway) and I found myself excited to play the second game. Unfortunately I got the bad ending first time round so ya, lucky for me the game made me want to play it again, and I did before I even completed the second game.  

So I started Bioshock 2, when I started it up I didn’t feel the same excitement that I felt while waiting for the first game to load I felt almost bored or cheated, like this game wouldn’t be as good. I was right, after the load screen the first cut scene same along and I felt utterly confused about what happened the little sisters had changed witch didn’t hold up to the first game, the daddies where different for some reason, (it does explain a little later for why you are different, but that’s it) And they have added a new element, Big sisters who try to protect the little sisters? Wait wasn’t that the dig daddies job? Well you find out that they are pretty much rivals the big daddies and the big sisters, it’s still confusing. Okay so aside from new unexplained character developments rapture looks… different. I do understand that its supposedly been years since the first game, (I think) So I get the changes in rapture, but if that’s the case why are other parts of rapture unchanged? Why don’t you get to re-visit old parts? Why aren’t the splicers still here? What is going on? I was so lost. I didn’t understand what my goal was because the story was all over the place. Now there IS in fact a goal, you are attached spiritually to a single little sister and you are drawn to her, your whole mission is to find her. But that often takes a back seat to other crap that doesn’t make a lick of sense, I mean at one point I remember that like part of rapture just floods because of some shit that happens, I don’t even remember. You are just all over the place. I didn’t get really into the game until about the end where you do indeed find your ‘sister’ her mom tries to kill her, therefore killing you because for some reason you’re only a ‘consciousness’ and then something really kind of cool happens, you get to BE a little sister and see how they see Rapture and it was actually really cool and creative, a part in the game I really enjoyed doing. Witch I didn’t get enough of though the rest of the game. I had to push myself to finish it and therefore didn’t enjoy it as much. There are some things I actually DID enjoy in the game,

  • one: You can duel wield, a plasmid and a weapon. That was really helpful and I was much less stressed out playing that way.
  • Two: The hacking! I found it really stressful to hack in the first game, Okay here’s how it worked, you had a grid of boxes, you could then click on boxes to reveal lines of pipe, you then used the pipe to get the liquid from one objective to another, and often times it was way too fast to even understand what you were doing and it was beyond stressful and I hated it. In the second you had a box that looked like a gas gauge, and a needed that ran across it, if you were to click on the green or blue parts you would successfully hack what you want, it was fast and simple. I loved it.

  • ThreeYou WERE a big daddy! Something I wanted more of in the first game!

At the end of the first game you needed to dress up as a big daddy for like the finale, and I wanted more. I loved the idea of being a big daddy, and I got my wish, and I think that’s what pushed me though the rest of the game. But in the end, it was slow, dull and forgettable. The imaging wasn’t enough to pull me back in and enjoy myself, and it didn’t hold up to the first game so even that was disappointing. I will probably play it again in the future but not for a while. I’m going to go try my hand at the third installment and try not to judge it too much; After all we aren’t in Rapture anymore.


How do you even draw ponytails!?!?
where all my inspiration... I have been art dead for soo long and im f**king tired of it... I am sorry to everyone for not getting shit done.. but I just dont .. FEEL like it... and I really want too get out of this crappy feeling...
Got the head to almagators doll done.. been a crazy week being slow...
So im having a bit of a delema, 
My dolls are either, fully yarn, accent with felt or half and half (meaning all marking are felt and only the core body is yarn) Matt says he like the full yarn or half and half, im still fighting with myself on witch I like better.. What do YOU guys like best?

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Thank you so much for the fav on my plush box ^^ If you would like to have your own please let me know, I’ll gladly send you a note on the price. Please keep in mind it can come in any two colors and with any face. I’m currently opened for commissions The first 6 by PlushPrincess Second Batch by PlushPrincess

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Happy birthday.
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Thank you so much for
the fav on my plush box ^^ If you would like to have your own please let me
know, I’ll gladly send you a note on the price. Please keep in mind it can come
in any two colors and with any face. I’m currently opened for
commissions~ Store-lax by PlushPrincess
Croa-box by PlushPrincess
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